GNM Testimonial Subject Selection
by B. E. 
April 2, 2009
"… I was sure that my socks stink" 
I am 44 years old and left-handed. 22 years ago, I got Athlete's Foot* between the fourth and fifth toes. At that time I didn't yet know the connection to GNM and couldn't fathom the reason.
The Athlete's Foot appeared after I had returned home from a long train-trip from Spain.
I have always been very fussy about personal hygiene, because I can't stand smelling stinky. On that particular trip - I remember it exactly - I had to wear my last pair of socks for several days in a row. I felt most uncomfortable about it. I was sure that my socks stink (= "Feeling-Soiled Conflict") and my fellow-travelers would smell them.
Ever since that event, it has been my compulsion to put on fresh socks every day. If I stick to that, I have absolutely no problems with Athlete's Foot. In swimming-pools and saunas I am always barefoot, but I have never yet gotten the fungus. You could say that – through rigorous "Fresh Sock Therapy" – I have no Athlete's Foot all year.
However, last week a new conflict-"track" appeared. I train regularly in a fitness-studio, where I always use a special kind of gym-sock. I had forgotten to bring it this time and was therefore forced to train in my regular socks. I felt very apprehensive about that, since it is a firm rule in the studio to wear closed runners. I imagined looks of disgust behind my back from others exercisers upon seeing me in street-socks that I had been wearing all day long!
Four days later a strong case of Athlete's Foot appeared between my LEFT fourth and fifth toes (partner side), and I was not at all surprised.
Thank-you, Dr. Hamer, for GNM!   
* Athlete's Foot is a so-called "Hanging Healing" of a "Feeling-Soiled"-conflict (coming in contact with something repellent), involving the corium skin (the skin layer underneath the epidermis).
Translated from the original German
Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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